Incense Sticks, Dhoop & Agarbatti

Incense, dhoop and agarbattis have been made since ages. The extracts of natural fragrant substances and essential oils are used in fabricating incenses. Dhoop Batti is the solid log or pyramid form of incense and agarbatti is the stick form. A paste of various ingredients is prepared to make incenses.

incense cone, dhoop batti

Some Interesting Facts about Incense:

  • Since Neolithic ages, the Chinese cultures are using incenses. They made use of various herbs and products of plants to make incenses like sandalwood cinnamon, cassia etc.
  • Indians also used incense for home for the soothing fragrances and as medicines since the Vedic age.
  • Medicinal use of incenses has been derived from the Ayurvedic phase. Hinduism practiced use of incenses which also became the integral part of Buddhism.
  • Incenses were introduced to China by the Buddhist monks of India. Ancient Egyptians used fragrances to please their gods and Babylonians offered sacred prayers with incenses to their oracles.

If we try to understand the depth of incense importance & benefits then we can understand that what influence the fragrances and smells released by various kinds of incense can make in our life. It can give you the very same smile and pleasant feeling which you have after a spa massage.

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